One Loon of a Year

Dr. Walter Piper and 4 female members of his research time stand smiling behind a boat. They are wearing headlamps and the background is dark.
Dr. Walter Piper and his research team on a night of loon banding
two side by side photos of common loons sitting on nests
From left, Mark Harlow, Laurie J. McNeil, and Mikaela Casey
a juvenile common loon sits in a small hole of open water on icy cross lake.
The iced in loon on Cross Lake, MN that was rescued by the Crosslake Volunteer Fire Department on 12/11/21



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National Loon Center

National Loon Center

The National Loon Center restores and protects loon breeding habitats, enhances responsible recreation, and catalyzes critical loon and freshwater research.